- Suitable for a variety of coins
- Pulse output available widths
- Prevent phishing and other means of cheating,cheat alarm
- Suitable of water vending machine,snack vending machine or game machine.

Applying coins:
Applicable to All kind of coins and foreign currencies.

Operating voltage:DC12V±10%
Working current:50mA
Moment maximum current:350mA(less than 0.5S)

1.Pressing the setting key(8),and then you will see the letter E,(choosing)several currency system),after that you can press the accurate key or broaden key to increase or decrease the numerical value.After setting up,please press the setting key to confirm.
2.Appea the letter H(the quantity of sampling for various currency value).
3.Appea the letter P(the numerical valuef for signal output of various currency value).
4.Appea the letter F(the precision of various currency value).
5.By parity of reasoning,setting is finished with your chosen currency.When the letter E is shown,plase turn off the power and it will reopen again.

Package Contents:
1* Coin Acceptor
1* Wire
4* Screws

Coin mechanism - programmable up to 6 coins